Nondegradation Policy of the Clean Air Act: Hearing, Ninety-third Congress, First Session

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Page 71 - The purposes of this title are (1) to protect and enhance the quality of the Nation's air resources so as to promote the public health and welfare and the productive capacity of its population...
Page 4 - State with respect to such a standard or limitation, or "(2) against the Administrator where there is alleged a failure of the Administrator to perform any act or duty under this Act which is not discretionary with the Administrator.
Page 373 - Manufacturers pointed out in testimony presented before the Subcommittee on Air and Water Pollution of the Senate Public Works Committee...
Page 289 - ... (C) it includes provision for establishment and operation of appropriate devices, methods, systems, and procedures necessary to (i) monitor, compile, and analyze data on ambient air quality...
Page 347 - Particularly is this respect due when the administrative practice at stake "involves a contemporaneous construction of a statute by the men charged with the responsibility of setting its machinery in motion, of making the parts work efficiently and smoothly while they are yet untried and new.
Page 266 - Any national secondary ambient air quality standard prescribed, under subsection (a) shall specify a level of air quality the attainment and maintenance of which in the judgment of the Administrator, based on such criteria, is requisite to protect the public welfare from any known or anticipated adverse effects associated with the presence of such air pollutant in the ambient air.
Page 5 - Hearings Before the Subcomm. on Air and Water Pollution of the Senate Comm. on Public Works, 92d Cong., 2d Sess.
Page 289 - ... as expeditiously as practicable but (subject to subsection (e) of this section) in no case later than three years from the date of approval of such plan (or any revision thereof to take account of a revised primary standard) ; and (ii) in the case of a plan implementing a national secondary ambient air quality standard it specifies a reasonable time at which such...
Page 357 - The promulgation of national primary and secondary ambient air quality standards shall not be considered in any manner to allow significant deterioration of existing air quality in any portion of any State.
Page 89 - I could in connection with the matter, and I ask unanimous consent that it be included in the record at this point.

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